Z3X BOX LG Update. More Alcatel added to free nck calculator

MTK Tool Update:

Direct Code Reading For such models :

- Alcatel OT-660
- Alcatel OT-660
- Alcatel OT-103
- Alcatel OT-106
- Alcatel OT-203
- Alcatel OT-206
- Alcatel OT-216
- Alcatel OT-203E
- Alcatel OT-208
- Alcatel OT-222
- Alcatel OT-280
- Alcatel OT-303
- Alcatel OT-360
- Alcatel OT-363
- Alcatel OT-383

Online NCK Calculation for more than 300 providers for :

- Alcatel OT-208
- Alcatel OT-222
- Alcatel OT-808

Please select JRD Loader for works with alcatel phones

What will be next?

MTK Tool Update. Many alkatel added to NCK calculator.

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